We have been working for 20 years in the multilingual typesetting industry and have acquired comprehensive experience in this area. We are your reliable and flexible partner who performs all steps from file preparation to delivery of the production-ready product:

  • Validation of your files with regards to functionality and completeness
  • Language-specific optimization of your files
  • Creation of templates
  • Extraction of text to be translated as well as reimport of translated text
  • Typesetting of translated text according to language-specific guidelines
  • Image processing (e.g. text extraction and reimport, file format conversion, screenshots)
  • Creation of PDF files for your internal reviews
  • Implementation of corrections/changes made to text and layout
  • Final layout of files approved to go into production
  • Delivery of print-ready files, e.g. PDF or Postscript
  • Creation of electronic manuals including bookmarks and links


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